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As a five-star rated, VRBO Premium Partner, Airbnb Super Host & luxury vacation-rental provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best customer experience at all of our locations. We are a family owned business, which means we treat our customers with the same values we treat each other – with care, respect and genuine friendship. We want you to have the best experience in our A+ homes, so we always work by putting our best foot forward. Our proven connection with our customers is frequently emphasized in our reviews, and even more so in the amount of repeat vacationers we attract ever year – we’re THAT good.


We are sure to incorporate the little things that leave a  ‘mom and pop’ feel to your stay, and will always leave you feeling like your vacation is our number one priority as well. Whether you are due for some fun by the beach or are looking to get away to the mountains, our houses are some of the best out there for your next vacation. Check out our photo gallery to get a preview of your luxury vacation with the Florida Dream Rentals.

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